Tiberius is the musical brainchild of Vermont native Brendan Wright. As producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Wright’s work under Tiberius encompasses an extensive journey of DIY music mastery, and lyrical intimacy, all while pushing the boundaries of album structure and narrative ever further from the collective comfort zone.


Every Tiberius project shines both as a self contained album, and in the greater context of Wright’s artistic journey. From the lyrically raw and sample heavy Don’t Let Your Light Fade, Ya Little Disco Ball, to the borderline perfectionist production and darker self-critical lyricism of A Depressing Optimism, to the lush, expansive soundscapes, sagacious yet candid emotional thru line, and visionary melodic mood of a project yet to be announced, each Tiberius album is just as much a mountain top as another step in a long, heroic odyssey.


Tiberius pulls from a broad range of influences including the likes of Tyler the Creator, Phoebe Bridgers, Car Seat Headrest, Arthur Verocai, and Elis Regina among countless others.

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