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'furrow' (2020)

furrow 5.png

'lull' (2021)


A lot of Tiberius tunes start as personal mechanisms for taking my more intrusive trains of thought and working through them in a way that usually helps me quell my anxiety enough to sort out complex or overwhelming feelings. As a result, this work reflects me in a lot of ways, but only a specific restless, and usually unstable part of me. In a lot of ways, “furrow” serves as the catalyst to writing from a more self-loving and forgiving perspective, rather than a self-deprecating one. The track captures a series of moments where I started to realize that my self-hatred really kept me from accepting and loving the people who cared about me most, and that I needed to hold myself accountable for neglecting to seek help for that.


From here, a series of tracks about self-love began to bloom, most of which would become his upcoming project "Lull". After 'Furrow,' my meandering period between college and adulthood no longer seemed to be characterized solely by an aggressive sense of uncertainty, but also by the understanding that this love would prevail.

‘Pale Ale’ was used as a way of channeling my anxious energy towards finding love in college into something that I felt reflected my more vulnerable moments in scenarios of romantic interest. There were times where I would become overwhelmed with the idea of what could be rather than the situation at hand. The sobering reality is that neither party really had an understanding of what love really is and both didn’t understand what they needed or wanted from a partner. On top of that, they're in college and life only seems to be moving faster and becoming more uncertain — in fact, they feel like they don’t even exactly comprehend how uncertain things are, but they certainly feel it twisting in their backs. But they also know that they want to be loved and that combination is anxious as all hell. 


Writing this track was a moment when I realized that there were a lot of things I needed to work on as an individual, which is kind of reflected in the back half of the song. Ironically, upon further reflection, one of those things happened to be self-love and acceptance.

'pale ale' (2020)

Pale Ale 4.png

a depressing optimism (2018)

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don't let your light fade ya little disco ball (2017)

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