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Hi friends! Welcome to the ~official~ Tiberius street team! We’re so happy to have you. I started “tiberius” back in 2015 as a moniker to release music that I was a little less comfortable releasing under my own name. Tiberius was a way to take my more intrusive trains of thought and work through them in a way that usually helps me quell my anxiety enough to sort out complex or overwhelming feelings. It was my hope that by making this art, I could provide an atmosphere that would help me live another day, and perhaps other individuals too. Perhaps you’re wondering what’s going on… well I encourage you to take a look around :)


The project started while stumbling upon the looping feature of garageband my senior year of high school. I bought a usb mic for like 30 bucks on amazon, and I was off. That year I recorded about 30 tracks that would become the basis of what would come. 

In my first year of college, I would start writing what I consider to be the first tiberius album “don’t let your light fade ya little disco ball”. I upgraded to some better mics, acquired a copy of logic pro (that i have yet to update…) and spent the majority of my freshman year spring recording in empty study rooms. 

Even in my sophomore year, I didn’t feel accepted in the music community at school. Despite fervorous attempts to gain access to proper equipment and recording spaces on campus, I was unable to maneuver the convoluted bureaucracy of the Skidmore Music Department. Additionally, I felt pretty out of place in the DIY house show scene, despite having a few dorm room records under my belt at this point. 

At the end of my sophomore year, I applied for a grant through my media studies minor that allowed me to pursue an independent study in audio production. With the proper equipment and funding, during the summer of 2017 I began work on “a depressing optimism.” The project became an obsession that had me continuing to record, revise, and overdub well into my junior year. When the project finally did come out, I had outgrown the material and was already looking towards exploring new musical territory.

In the autumn of my senior year, my dear friend Noah Mendell approached me with the idea of performing tracks from “a depressing optimism” live. Well initially reluctant, I told Noah if he found friends who wanted to do it, I’d give it a shot. Sure enough, Noah recruited bassist Kelven Polite and Drummer Owen Greene, and we began playing shows in early 2019. Truth be told, it was the most exciting period of the project's history. Mendell, Polite, Greene, and often times saxophonist Henry Raker, gave the project an entirely new life. During this time, we started playing an unreleased track that would later become ‘Pale Ale,’ and pushed the project into a new era. 

After graduating I began work on the to be released project “Lull,” with plans to have the live band become a more active presence in the recording process. During this time, however, I moved from Saratoga NY to Allston MA, making finding times to practice and record a struggle. When the Covid 19 Pandemic began, I decided to move forward with Lull as yet another mainly self-recorded project. 

Shortly after my move, I met Elijah Adamson through my job and quickly formed a friendship. I expressed interest in working with Elijah after hearing about his work in hip-hop group Green Street, and various experiences in the industry. Shortly after beginning to work together, Ivy Cloutier joined our crew, and soon enough we had created the Tiberius Management Team.

Despite my dream of carrying out this project to a mass audience, I’ve never been very good at advocating for my art. I attribute any following this project does seem to retain to the friends who have helped me along the way. They’re truly incredible and talented individuals who continue to bring the Tiberius family to places I only wished it could’ve been when I first started making my dinky little tracks at 18.

That being said, more help is always appreciated. Truth be told, we can’t do this without you. And that’s why we’d love for you to join the fam.

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The Tiberius Street Team is the place for fans to go beyond just being fans. Our goal is to create an opportunity for listeners to get involved with the creative and promotional process more directly, serving as ambassadors for the band in real life and on the world wide web.



Be conscientious of others. 


Be open-minded and inviting.

Tell us what makes you happy and what kind of things you're into!


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Be forceful. At the end of the day it’s just music, and we’re just having to have a nice time and make new friends. 

Feel pressured to do anything. You can be a part of this community just as a listener and as a friend. You don’t need to go out of your way.

Be judgemental of what other people are into.

It goes without saying but discrimination or derogatory language against LGBTQ+ & BIPOC, misogynistic rhetoric, or harassment of any kind if automatic grounds for your dismissal from the community. 

*In summary, essentially listen to people, be respectful and don’t be a dick it’s not hard)

Calander of Events (so far)


11/20 Furrow Release Day!

11/29 7:30 PM Tiberius Hangout & Street Team Meet & Greet (online)

             9:00 PM Tiberius Live Stream on WECB instagram 

12/4   Fun Event TBD during Meet & Greet (online)

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